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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Kyria exists to challenge, empower and release women leaders into spheres of influence.

Vision Statement

Kyria is a cross denominational network to challenge, empower and release women leaders. The name Kyria comes from 2 John 1:1 where John refers to the ‘chosen lady’ who leads that church.  That word is Kyria.  God is still releasing His chosen female leaders into every sphere of society, and the Kyria network has been birthed for such a time as this. Our aim is to provide an empowering environment to release women to lead in their spheres of influence.  

If that’s you, we’d love you to join us. You can be a part of the Kyria movement by joining the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. 1Relationship.
    We believe that leadership cannot be done alone successfully.  

  2. 2Celebration.
    Honouring and Championing each other rather than competition.

  3. 3Diversity.
    Kyria is interracial, intergenerational and interdenominational.

  4. 4Recognition.
    Valuing leadership potential regardless of position.

  5. 5Collaboration.
    We are not a stand-alone ministry.

  6. 6Resilience.
    We are focused, determined and persevere.  

  7. 7Championing.
    We advocate women in leadership.

  8. 8Equality.
    We believe that men and women lead equally.

  9. 9Generosity.
    Women leaders that are open handed and a sending releasing ministry.

  10. 10Locally focused but globally minded.
    Looking and serving beyond our local context.

  11. 11Excellence.
    Kyria gives our best and do our best.

  12. 12Compassionate.
    Leaders that come alongside your leadership journey.