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“Don’t Build a Thicker Skin”


This month’s Gathering Resource, “DON’T BUILD A THICKER SKIN”, is taken from Paul Gibbs youtube channel. The questions have been prepared by our very own Susie Harrington. Thank you Paul for your investment into Kyria Network, we appreciate your generosity!

In this video resource we are going to look at how we as leaders cope with pressure.
When we scuba dive the deeper you dive the greater the increase of pressure of your external skin so you have to equalise your body & breathing so you can cope in that depth without imploding.

How do we as leaders cope with the external pressure of the organisations/people we lead? And how do we deal with the internal pressure that manifests when we are under pressure?

A few questions as you gather:

  1. How do you know whether you are on the edge of a breakthrough or a disaster?
  2. Where are your external pressure points in your leadership role, and where are the internal pressure points in your emotions, mind & soul ?
  3. Preachers and speakers need to spend more time studying, reading and listening. What strategies can you put in place that will help you maintain that with integrity?
  4. Leaders need to invest into relationships that looks after us so we can lead more effectively. How can we access and develop friendships and relationships that feed into us, helping relieve the pressure we are subject to?
  5. The ability to withstand spiritual pressure requires us to be healthy. What do we need to put into our spiritual tanks that will help us to maintain health?

We pray this gathering blesses and challenges you!


By: Susie Harrington