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Leaders Reproduce Life, Opposed to Producing Copies of Themselves


This month’s Gathering Resource is from our Kyria Conference in May 2016, a soundbite talk by Nicki Sims from Skylark Church in Chelmsford.  The resource was prepared by Lisa Leonce, Kyrias newest team member.

Listen to the short recording, taking time to reflect on it for yourself, than in your gathering, answer the questions.

It’s important that leaders aim to reproduce life, as opposed to producing copies of yourself.  Just like the physical birthing process, there are three stages: –

  1. Early Labour equates with Preparation and Positioning.  It’s all about the heart; what direction is it heading towards?  A slight shift may be needed and that causes mild pain.
  2. Active Labour equates with Enlarging and Stretching.  This is uncomfortable with burst of pain.  Stay focused on your goal (your calling from God) and breath!
  3. Transitional Stage equates with  Leading. From the end of the Active Labour stage, the pain here can feel unbearable. It is at its peak – frequent and unrelenting. Find another level of courage and strength to push through, as the end is in sight and you will have new life very soon.


QUESTIONS – focusing on self: –

  • Where are you currently in the birthing process?
  • What support do you need in your current birthing stage?
  • List three things you will do to ensure you get the support you need in your current birthing stage?  Now give each one a realistic completion date and ask someone to check-in with you on these.


QUESTIONS – focusing outward: –

  • How do you ‘reproduce life’ as you lead?
  • Where do you do to create the space for people to grow and develop?
  • What are the areas you could improve to permit the ‘reproduction of life’?
  • That time out to think and ask God: Who do I need to support? Ask someone to help you be accountable on this.


By: Lisa Leonce