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Kyria Network is excited to be part of a growing movement of Kingdom people and ministries who are making a difference in so many areas, including that of women in ministry. 

We support and appreciate the following ministries. Check them out. Each of them is awesome in their own right.

She Loves Magazine

A Global community of women who love

Gathering of Women Leaders

The Gathering of Women Leaders provides a forum for women in leadership to learn together.

Junia Project

The Junia Project is a community of women and men advocating for the inclusion of women at all levels of leadership in the Christian church and for mutuality in marriage.

Sarah Bessey

Author of the book Jesus Feminist.

If Gathering

We exist to gather, equip and unleash the next generation of women to live out their purpose.

Free Range Chicks

We are a unique network of women who aim to share our love, hope, strength and joy with each other, and to be inspired to become who God created us to be.

He for She

The fight against gender inequality is a battle to end poverty, violence against women and promote women's economic empowerment. We must end gender inequality starting now!