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This months resources is written by our good friend Chrissie Kelly.

Chrissie is a director of The Bless Network and her passion for Bless is expressed through planting healthy missional churches, raising up passionate and creative leaders, and looking for ways to bless Europe, a land and people who are crying out for a loving, righteous response. She is married to Gerard, and is mum to four awesome children, two daughters in law and a son in law, she is blessed also with three grandchildren.

Chrissie co-wrote ‘Intimate with the Ultimate’ with her husband. This is a book that seeks to equip the individual’s life of prayer and worship. Having spent many years leading worship and teaching on related subjects, helping others access a life of intimacy with Jesus is very close to her heart, as is teaching on spiritual inheritance.

The Kellys live in a missional training centre, the home of Bless, in Normandy, France.