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The Necessity of Investing in Your Own Leadership


The Necessity of Investing in Your Own Leadership.


Our very own Bev Murrill recently wrote a blog on the necessity of investing in your own leadership, the premise being that people become like the leaders they follow. That’s a scary thought for those of us who lead.
Have a read of the blog and come to the gathering ready to answer the below questions and get your honesty on. Your sisters can handle it. They’re going to be honest too.

  1. Have you ever been in an environment that has been poorly led in one way or another? Maybe the leader wasn’t actually leading, and other influences were coming in, making things difficult. Perhaps the leader behaved in a manner totally opposite to how they spoke, talking one way but walking another. Maybe their lifestyle didn’t honour their vocation. How did this affect their capacity to lead effectively? How did it affect the people they were leading? Are there lessons in that for you?
  2. Do the same issues keep rising no matter what group of people you lead? We all have problems in our teams at times, but if certain problems continue to recur, it could be that we have to look closer to see the reason. Perhaps there is continual gossip, or lack of commitment, or blame shifting, or maybe they’re driven people for whom work/ministry is such a way of life that they neglect themselves, their health and family as a result of their workaholism. Is there any aspect of the team’s issues that might be stemming from your leadership?
  3. Assuming you’re not a perfect leader (Heaven forbid), are there qualified people in your world who might be willing to work with you honestly in order to help you address your blind spots? If not, would you be willing to look for such people? How could that work? Would you consider paying someone regularly or occasionally to help you get on track with  the development of your ability to lead even better than you are now?

It would be great if you could pray together as a group for God to show you how to negotiate this really tender subject, and come out the other side even more ready to serve Him with your leadership call.


By: Bev Murrill